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~ Our Bookstore Features Feminist & Queer & Marginalized Stories ~

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Our Story

On The Road Bookstore, LLC was started by author and avid reader Megan Maulsby (pen name Meg Murray) in 2022.

Her love of books led her down the paths of Scholastic Book Fair volunteer and chairperson, Little Free Library steward, and eventually bookseller/owner of a traveling pop up book shop.

OTR Bookstore began in October 2022 with pop up shops at fairs, festivals, and local businesses in the Northern Colorado area. Rolling book carts are filled with both new and used books, all of very high quality and personally curated by Megan. We carry all genres and feature underrepresented authors and stories.

Megan's Little Free Library from her previous home in Atlanta.

Megan's Book Wagon. More pictures coming soon...

Our Name

Jack Kerouac's 1957 novel "On The Road" is a classic. Bookstore owner, Megan, read it in high school and dreamed of becoming an author 'on the road' by traveling around the United States and writing stream of consciousness prose stories. While that exact dream didn't come to pass, she has spent a lot of time writing and has traveled many thousands of miles by car across the U.S. for decades. 

After interviewing school librarians about a bookmobile they built for their students, Megan wrote a nonfiction story about their project, which was published in 2021. Her dream of a traveling bookstore took shape, and with the new reality of Covid-19, the business began.

The public school bookmobile Megan wrote about in her story "A Library on Wheels."